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H2OVanoss||A Game of 'Gay Chicken'
Everyone was over at Lui's house for a party. Even Nogla had flown over for a visit. They were all enjoying their time just chilling by the couch, gaming to their hearts content. And very competitively that they had to form some "champion brackets".
"Okay, guys," Nogla said as he stood up. "Obviously I'm the champ here." He smiled at the others as they sat defeated around him. "Aw, don't be so sad."
"Nogla...just get on with it." Lui scowled at him.
"Okay, okay, here's what I have planned as the winner. Since you guys lost, we're going to be playing a classic game chicken." Nogla smiled slyly and looked around the room
"Nogla!" Mini exclaimed as he gripped the armrest of the couch. "Are you fucking serious?!"
"Yeah, can't you see how serious I am?"
"Not with that smile, no."
"Since you were the first to rebel, you're up first."
"How the hell does this game work?" Delirious asked.
"Delirious, don't do this." Mini warned.
"What? How am I supposed to play something I
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H2OVanoss - Accidental Kiss
I REGRET NOTHING, AHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!! This was basically for me and my one friend's own enjoyment X3 If you dont know who they are or dont like Vanoss and H2ODelirious together then you might want to flee, FLEE MY CHILD, FLEEE!!!

I was sitting on my couch, completely ignoring the T.V on in front of me. My thoughts were elsewhere, thinking about a certain person. 'Why does he always where that mask? Is he hiding something important?'
My best friend, Delirious, forever had that stupid mask on. I so badly wanted to remove it, see his face. But every time someone got even close to his face he'd shy away. Curiosity was chewing at my mind and I desperately wanted to know. It didn't help that I may have a tiny little cru- oh who am I kidding, I was hopelessly in love with him and I haven't even seen his face!
I sighed heavily and heaved myself off the couch, stumbling a bit. I turned the T.V off and trudged to my room. I ran a hand through my
:iconladyprussiahellsong:LadyPrussiaHellsong 218 168
H2OVanoss - Unclothed
Delirious is so, so nervous as he strips off his faded blue shirt with shaking hands. He is also sporting a raging boner because holy shit this situation is surreal right now. He was alone in a room with a bed with Evan sitting on it like a cake topper.
Vanoss isn’t much better. He’s already seated smack in the middle of the enormous king size bed with one grey sock off and the rest of his clothes still on. He keeps his eyes trained on the mirror by the closet, watching-not-watching as Delirious tries to subtly shift his raging hard-on into a less…prominent position.
It wouldn’t do to act nervous, he decides. Delirious is already a wreck if the sheen across his shoulder blades is any indication.
"Delirious." he calls out in an impatient tone, surprising himself with the lack of quaver in his own voice.
The man freezes, his blue eyes wide as he looks up from his fumbling with his belt. “Yeah, Evan?”
"Come here." The Asian beckons, vaguely patti
:iconscribbles-chan:Scribbles-chan 136 40
H2OVanoss / Vanolirious - Hickeys
I giggled slightly as Evan pushed me onto the couch, hovering over me. I stared up at him as he stared back; my mask having been thrown to the side. Evan smiled mischievously before lunging down and attacking my neck. 
I gasped as his teeth grazed my neck, followed by his tongue gently licking the spot. He continue the action in a few more spots before he bit down harder on a certain spot. I yelped quietly followed by a moan as he assaulted the spot with licks and nips. Evan pulled away, admiring his handiwork as I'm sure a bruise was now forming there. He grinned and kissed me passionately, holding us there with our lips locked for a good while.
I was out of breath and panting once he pulled away. Evan gazed at me, our faces a mere few inches apart. "I love you Jonathan." He whispered.
I smiled and pecked his lips. "I love you too, now get off." I commanded, pushing on his chest lightly. He groaned jokingly and swung his head back. "I don't wanna mom." He whined before heaving hi
:iconladyprussiahellsong:LadyPrussiaHellsong 178 48
H2OVanoss Doodles :iconchubbybunny125:chubbybunny125 31 9 Del and Van Meet the Dark Side of H2OVanoss :iconkoopaqueeneternal:KoopaQueenEternal 42 36 Mini H2OVanoss Comic :iconraakxhyrshapeshifter:RaakxhyrShapeshifter 45 11 + H2OVanoss + GET A ROOM JEEZ :iconask-the-fnaf-crew-2:Ask-the-fnaf-crew-2 44 18 Red + Blue = Purple!! (H2OVanoss) :iconrynzeistina:RynZeIstina 24 1 [H2OVanoss] Trindr? Grindr? 5/5 :iconahtsu:Ahtsu 48 2 h2ovanoss Re-draw (KayleeRedfield) :iconmythicalbubbles:MythicalBubbles 92 22 H2OVanoss :iconfarisraven12:FarisRaven12 10 2
Undertale: Papyrus x Reader/Frisk Ch. 3
A/N: Erm… Happy late Valentine's Day? Sorry for the long wait, I've been a bit busy with my other FanFictions. Like Ask Undertale, Undertale Ships Opinions, FNaF Ships Opinions… All of which you should check out, if you haven't! I am extremely proud of my Ask Undertale book, though! Lots of Papyrisk, Sansby, and Mettablook.
Hey, should I add Sansby in here? It's my new OTP, actually, and like the only thing I ship with Sans. I fucking hate Soriel and Papyton. TORIGORE, SANSBY, PAPYRISK, METTABLOOK, AND CHARISK FOREVER! I've started to like Chariel too, though.
Maybe I could add Torigore, too?
You guys can tell me in the review section down below.
By the way, I really love the Stronger Than You Sans parody. Sorry it's so random, it just came on shuffle on my phone. Haha. Other random things include me being extremely excited because I just got Minecraft Story Mode.
Anyways, read and review!
Enjoy the long awaited and hopefully fulfilling chapter!
Morning light streamed throu
:iconthrillerthekiller:ThrillerTheKiller 15 11
Sans x adopted!child!reader x Papyrus
"*hey Pap, have you seen my jacket?"
"*nope. Have you seen y/n..?"
"*oh boy..." Sans sighed a bit. You were hiding in Sans's room, since well... no one really goes in there, because it's a mess. The brothers had adopted you a few months ago, so you had gotten used to living with the skeleton brothers. You giggled quietly as you adjusted Pap's scarf around your neck, snuggling into Sans's jacket as you closed your eyes, drifting off to sleep.
"*when was that last time you saw them?"
"*yeah...same here..." Sans crossed his arms.
"*i'm not sure... the kid could be anywhere..."
"*nah. highly doubt that. the kid knows not to go out without one of us to keep them safe."
~small timeskip b
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